Ruudt Peters

ouroboros / lapis / pneuma
29.02.2000 bis 28.04.2000


The first series was "Ouroboros" (1995):

Ouroboros is the dragon or serpent that devours his own tail. This collection deals with the circle of time and the ageing process. It consisted of rings that were composed of a natural and cultural element. The contact point of heaven and earth. The precious metal rings were immersed in a material of a lower order, like paint or copper. Through wearing the jewels the outer layer wears off and shows the underlying material.

The second series was "Lapis" (1997):

Lapis is the stone of wisdom. A quote from an old alchemistic scripture was the basis of this work: "GRIND THE STONE TO A VERY FINE POWDER AND PUT IT INTO THE SHARPEST CELESTIAL VINEGAR; AND IT WILL AT ONCE BE DISSOLVED INTO THE PHILOSOPHICAL WATER": This collection deals with transformation- and refining processes in material. Semiprecious stones are ground to powder and poured into the body of another stone. In this way a new creature is made. Non-existing growing forms are brought to life.

The theme of the series of work called "Pneuma" (1999) that I am finishing at present is the symbiosis of the masculine and the feminine. Inspired by a quote of James Joyce: "The he and the she and the is of it", this collection "Pneuma" expresses the human search for inner harmony between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves.

The power of Masculine-Sun-Gold or Feminine-Moon-Silver is connected to the negative form of male an female stones, and from this a new creation with is own being originates. A hermaphrodite.
The negative forms are a void that gets is shape through a polyester covering. The collection consists of twins; two almost identical objects, one with a golden and one with a silver component. After self-analysis the future bearer could choose for either a masculine or a feminine power. The jewels are a reminder on our quest for inner harmony.